5 Grooming Gadgets Every Man Need

It’s true that a fair whack of the multimillion-pound grooming industry is smoke and mirrors (what even is a triple hyaluronic cold plasma night cream?), but there are certain products (in this case of the electrical kind) proven to be more essential than snake oil.

We’re not alone in our thinking, either. In fact, according to one survey published in a consumer tech magazine, a third of men would rather spend time playing with new gizmos than being with their other half.

Far be it for us to want to be responsible for any form of marital disharmony, below you will find ten grooming devices worth checking out. And if you do end up single because of the recommendations, at least you’ll be attractive and single.

Beard Trimmer

Without something to keep whispy whiskers neat and tidy at home, you run the risk of bankrupting yourself at the barbers. Or worse, being mistaken for someone who spends most of their free time scrawling stickmen on cave walls.

But just any old beard trimmer won’t do. You want something that gets the job done (and well), with the battery power to tackle full face fuzz in one go and enough guards to taper in all the right places. Guys who like to keep their beards in-check every few days should also look for bonus features like a vacuum that sucks up the hairs or laser guides for precision.

Electric Toothbrush

The most important thing with a toothbrush is that you have one (duh) and that you know how to use it properly. After all, research by dating site Match found that more than half of singles rank nice gnashers as the most important characteristic about a potential mate.

There are lots of reasons to opt for electric over manual. For starters, they’re better at removing plaque and reducing the chances of gum disease. They also make the whole job much less of a pain in the neck (wrist?) with everything from basic timers and pressure gauges to Bluetooth apps, which means you’re probably more likely to clean your teeth when all you want to do is collapse straight into bed.

Cleansing Brush

Up until 2018, the majority of exfoliators contained tiny bits of plastic known as microbeads. Can you imagine? Why don’t you just punch a turtle in the face before getting in the shower?

A cleansing brush is a much better way of sloughing dead skin cells from your face. Not only do they have the added benefit of boosting circulation to the surface of the skin, improving its overall appearance, they’re also particularly good for guys with facial hair, allowing you to reach the skin beneath your beard and prevent painful ingrown hairs.

Detail Trimmer

In this day and age, it’s just not okay to go about your daily business with unruly tufts unfurling from your facial orifices. If you can see it, so can everyone else. So stop.

Here to help keep your mild case of hypertrichosis in check is a whole host of micro-trimmers designed specifically for trimming noses, ears and eyebrows. And as you might expect from something with the sole purpose of cutting tiny amounts of hair, there isn’t a whole lot to it – just make sure yours is of a reputable enough make not to nick.


We know what you’re thinking A hairdryer? Really? Isn’t a few vigorous towel rubs enough? To which we’d respond, have you ever tried sculpting a quiff with a bath towel?

Important for shaping voluminous looks, a hairdryer isn’t so much an expressway to get the wet out, as the tool you need to sculpt your highest hairstyles. They’re worth a look if you’ve got short hair too, as they can also help to create texture and structure that can be set in place with a styling product. Just don’t fall victim to high-end hairdryers and their Ferrari motors. Look for models that combine dual speed and heat settings with ionic technology that breaks down water molecules without sapping moisture.

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