When looking for convenience, there really is no reason to look anywhere other than flip flops. However, choosing the right pair can be a challenging encounter. After all, you’d be forgiven for not knowing the most important aspects of a good pair of flip flops.

That’s where we want to help you. We’ve broken down 8 factors that really do matter when choosing flip flops.


As with any shoe, if it’s not comfortable, it’s probably not worth it. Having blisters and a cramped metatarsal is never ideal, and, since your feet are always on show, we don’t recommend getting them from your flip flops either.

One classic tripe with flip flops is the comfort issues created by the ‘thong’. Yeah, we get it, the term ‘thong’ isn’t what you want to hear when thinking about the best flip flops for men, but, it simply refers to the Y-shaped strap that goes over your foot and then between your big and second toe. Over long distances, it’s likely to ride up between your toes and cause some discomfort. Better flip flops combat this issue and try to create a strap that eliminates it altogether, and this is what we’ve looked for in our careful selection of flip flops.

Further, we’re aware that people suffer from a variety of orthotic issues that can impact what types of shoes they’re able to wear. Those with an imbalance or heel pain may require looking for the best flip flops with arch support, and then it is the same for those with plantar fasciitis. We recognize that the notion of comfort is different for each person, so we have made sure to cater for all.


As is the case with all forms of clothing, and particularly footwear, the material separates the good from the bad. Cheaper material may save you some money in the short term, but you’re trading that for discomfort and the risk of having to replace them regularly.

The strap: the strap is another place to be wary of material. Some of the more comfortable straps are synthetic and thicker. These are certainly more suitable for long-distance walking or for those with foot issues. If you want to take your strap comfort to the next level, then maybe you should look for a pair that have a suede/leather upper. On the other hand, thinner, stylish straps are generally made with rubber. Unavoidably, these probably aren’t going to be the most comfortable, but, if you make sure to get a good pair, like those we list below, you will be safe.

The sole: the most important part of any shoe is the sole – especially with flip flops. The soles tend to be thinner, meaning that your foot has closer contact with the ground and is likely to take more impact with each step. Therefore, it is important to find a shoe with a supported or shock-absorbing sole, molding them to the shape of your foot, preventing blisters and fallen arches.


Unlike slippers, the color is important. Since flip flops are worn both in and outside, you probably don’t want to be walking around the supermarket in pink, fluffy ones (although, we’d respect it if you did).

The safest bet would be to stick to standard shoe colors – like black, white, navy, and khaki. You’ll likely be repping the flip flops out and about, so you want to make sure you look the part as much as you want to feel comfortable.

If you’re looking for other options, then we’ve seen certain brands of flip flops with some excellent color coordination, and these are perfect for specific situations.

If you’re at the beach, on vacation, or just having a BBQ with the family, you could easily get away with something a bit more ‘out there’. We think this is a great idea and can definitely spice up your footwear infantry. We’ll get back to this more in depth later.


It’s likely not to be a surprise, but it’s possible to find your favorite brands producing flip flops, making your choice easier. That’s because brands also recognize how convenient and useful flip flops are.

Want examples? Here we go:

New Balance

Whilst we’re firm believers in focusing on the actual practical benefits over the brand name, we understand that many people love to stick to a particular brand or feel comfortable wearing one brand, due to their sizing or some other reason.

So, you’ll be glad to know that you can stick to wearing your favorite brand name with your flip flops, making your buying process a whole lot easier.


A lot of the time, the issues faced with flip flops come down to their robustness. Commonly, you’ll find with cheaper flip flops that the strap breaks or comes away from the sole. Also, going back to my point on comfort, because of the cheap material, the flip flop itself is not built to mimic the ideal shoe.

If a flip flop breaks, you can’t repair it on the spot. This means that, if you’re out and about and your flip flop breaks, you may have to find a local shoe store to purchase a replacement shoe, which can not only put you out of pocket but lead you into buying something that you don’t actually want – just because you had no other choice.

Considering this, we recommend that you get a pair that is durable, made with better material, and less likely to break on you.

Most durable flip flops tend to be more expensive, because of the higher quality, and because they’re designed with your foot health in mind. But, in the long-term, you’ll likely be saving money, because you won’t have to replace them every other time you leave the house.


Flip flops are somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades. You can wear them across almost any situation and at almost any time (well, perhaps keep this in mind for situations where you shouldn’t wear flip flops). But, that’s not to say that you can’t buy your flip flops with a particular location in mind – or at least cover yourself for a variety of them.

For example, if you’re expecting to be walking long distances, then we’d suggest you get a pair of flip flops that have comfortable soles and support. However, if you’re simply expecting to be kicking about by the pool or at the beach, then you’ll want a pair that are water-resistant, stylish, and easy to clean.

In that respect, your choice of flip flop is very similar to other forms of footwear. Whilst they are useful across the board, one pair does not always suit all. You wouldn’t wear a pair of soccer cleats to the beach, and by that same token you shouldn’t be expecting to wear a light, beach-style flip flop on your 20km walk over the coast on a cold winter’s day. Long story short, we’re just looking for you to keep in mind when and where you expect to be wearing your flip flops before buying yourself a pair.


Yes, you’ve read that right. It is possible to find yourself a pair of flip flops with novel accessories that make life that little bit better. One of the more famous examples? The Reef Bottle Opener trademark.

Picture this: it’s a summer’s evening, and you’re walking down the beach with your buddies. You’re equipped with a crate of beer and a disposable BBQ. However, when you reach your resting spot, you all realize that you’ve left the bottle opener at home. Who comes to the rescue? Whilst we’re sure one of the guys in your contingent can crack open your Bud Light with their teeth, you’ll be able to whip off one of your flip flops and use it to save the day. Yup, it’s a bottle-opening flip flop.

Whilst we understand that not everyone is looking for flip flops with multiple purposes, we certainly felt that they were worth a mention.

After all, men are looking for convenience.


Finally, we want to talk about the factor that most people hate talking about: the cost. Inevitably, we have listed slippers across multiple different price ranges, providing for all of you men looking for the best flip flops.

Without a doubt, you’re getting some of the best value for money when it comes to flip flops, but we still don’t want you to be over-paying for what you get.

Anything over $100 is always going to be pretty suspect. We don’t think that there’s any need to be dropping that sort of money on them. But, anything under a certain price point is probably likely to have some pretty flimsy material and break down on you quickly.

We like to think that, when you’re buying a pair of flip flops, you’re making a worthy investment, as they can last multiple summers and survive heavy, all-terrain wear. So, when picking up your dream pair of flip flops, keep in mind that it is sometimes worth paying a bit extra, especially if that results in getting some extra quality.

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