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Whether you are attending a wedding or a boardroom meeting, nothing subtly demonstrates your sense of style like a set of cufflinks.

But often with fashion there are a set of ‘rules’ that are based around what you should wear and when.

However, those rules are constantly in flux and can be easily confused. Fortunately though, we put together a few pointers on what to consider when picking out your next pair of cufflinks.

What Is The Context of Which You Are Wearing The Cufflinks?

If you are going to a black tie event (i.e. oftentimes a wedding or formal gathering where a tux is worn), a standard pair of cufflinks typically clad in silver or have subtle designs elements will be appropriate.

These low-key designs to cufflinks will ensure that they don’t detract from the rest of your suit and will generally complement your overall style.

If you are tempted to wear a dash of color on your cufflinks – this is still going to be ok…

But we recommend adding a personal touch:

Should you be attending a wedding, try and get the scoop on what the bridesmaids will be wearing (i.e. purple dresses of bridesmaids would pair perfectly with the TF PVD Tourbillion Cufflinks).

But even if you don’t feel like putting down over $400 on a pair of cufflinks, a simple design like this offering by Salutto would make an excellent choice.

Contrary, if you are going to a white tie event that is extremely formal, then you will undoubtedly want to pick up a cufflink that is clad in pearl, silver, or another light color material.

Aove Millennium Falcon Cufflinks

Aovei Mens Cufflinks Cufflinks for Mens with Gift...

For all the Star Wars fans out there, these Millennium Falcon cufflinks are for you.

These brass cufflinks are electroplated with nickel and adorned with enamel decorations.

The electroplating helps to hide scratches and scuffs, but even if you do see some wear it will just add to the overall look of the set.

These are not shiny cufflinks, but they look great as a subtle way to show off your inner nerd without being obvious about it.

Goes great with any shirt, and are a fantastic conversation starter.

Now you too can passionately explain to the woefully unfamiliar that a parsec is a measurement of distance and not time.

BABAN Steampunk Watch Cufflinks

Cufflinks,Baban Deluxe Steampunk Mens Cufflinks...

Good looking cufflinks are hard to come by, but finding truly innovative designs without breaking the bank is even harder.

Enter BABAN’s Steampunk cufflinks; these little accessories look like watch parts complete with silver finish and little brass gears.

As an added bonus, the gears move when played with, so idle fingers are never bored with these cuff decorations.

They work with any shirt pattern or color, though black and white shirts look best.

These Steampunk cufflinks also work for either formal or casual wear, so whether you are at a wedding or in the office, these will always be appropriate.

BABAN ships these beautiful accessories in a faux alligator skin box which in itself is an added touch of class.

BOSS Carlos Round Cufflinks

A little goes a long way with these cufflinks.

They do not feature the standard spinning fastener many cufflinks do, and instead opt for a stationary, single piece look that is reminiscent of tuxedo buttons.

The entire cufflink is a shining silver color, and is accented by a classic woven design in the middle.

Overall, the piece is very eye catching.

With it being a very neutral color, it goes with all colors of suits and shirts without clashing or coming across as gaudy.

Because it is also a single piece, it is not going to break unless it is acted upon by a very strong force.

The Carlos round cufflinks are an ageless piece that will be in fashion for years to come, however because of the brand name, they are also rather expensive.

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